Why argan oil is the hairdressers latest wonder weapon

Hair care with oil is no longer a novelty and argan oil has been used in Morocco by locals for centuries in cosmetics and medicine. But for some years, the cosmetics industry has become aware of the "Moroccan gold". Due to the elaborate extraction, the oil is classified as a rare commodity.

The argan tree (Argania spinosa) occurs only in Morocco. It is biologically referred to as endemic, ie an animal or plant species that occurs only in a geographically and ecologically clearly defined region.

The precious argan oil is not obtained from tree or bark, but from the fruits of the argan tree. In Morocco, there is a whole industry involved in the extraction and processing of argan oil. Every single argan tree has its owner, who takes care that no one reaps his ripe fruit. Until recently, reproduction and reforestation were left to nature. But Morocco has recognized the potential of the tree and started state reforestation programs. A regulated reforestation protects the genus of the argan tree, which also stops the progressing desertification through its bushy forests.

Argan oil has already proven its protective and healing effects in the Moroccan population. Now, the Western cosmetics industry has discovered this wonder weapon against skin irritation and damaged hair.

The high level of antioxidants moisturizes and stimulates hair growth. At the same time, the high vitamin E content provides relief of skin irritations on the scalp. But that's not so important for most users. The immediately visible and noticeable effect lies in the appearance of the hair. The hair directly has more shine and looks much healthier. In addition, they are better comb, blow dry and style.

The effect is simple. Its composition puts an argan oil essence over the hair like an invisible film and provides a unique shine. It repairs split ends by restoring the protruding hair breaks to the hair. If a company claims that your product could "fix" split ends, that's simply a lie. The effect is always the optical correction of the problem, not a medical cure.

Argan oil products are no different. However, the long-lasting use of an argan oil shampoo and an argan oil conditioner is healthy for the skin and hair and prevents the formation of split ends in the future. This is also confirmed by experts. "Of course an argan oil essence does not repair the hair, but it makes it look visually healthy and helps in the long term to tackle the problem at the root," says Anja E., hairdresser in Berlin Mitte.Schlussgehalt argan oil is an expensive raw material, which is why you too cheap price should make skeptical. In most cases, the proportion of argan oil in these products is minimal, but there are plenty of non-water-soluble silicones.

For damaged or unruly hair, argan oil hair care products can be a miracle weapon. For people who have never used an argan oil product, it is advisable to use an essence sparingly and evaluate the effect for yourself.